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At National Veterinary Care we are committed to developing the strongest and most skilled network of veterinary professionals in Australia and New Zealand. We invest in our team members’ skills, careers, wellness, personal growth, and create opportunities for them to do what they love to the highest standard. National Veterinary Care employees have access to a multitude of benefits including, but not limited to the below (which may vary by role/country).

NVC Veterinary Training Centre

All NVC employees have access to the annual NVC Veterinary Training Centre workshop program. These courses are valued at between $499 and $1,799 depending on the workshop.

Continuing Education Allowance and Study Leave

Our clinic teams are entitled to additional leave and/or financial allowances each year to support further education and pursue professional development.

Online Training Centre

NVC maintains a subscription to a database of thousands of quality online webinars, offering NVC employees free access to continuing development in topics ranging from Personal/Professional Development, IT Skills, or Customer Service, through to Business Skills and Leadership.

VIN Membership (VETS)

NVC pays for Veterinary Information Network membership for all permanent Veterinary Surgeons.

Financial Wellbeing Support

Our HR platform Flare provides support to team members to improve their financial wellbeing. Through Flare, you can get advice and information about managing superannuation, health cover, insurance, utilities and general budgeting guidance.

Assure Employee Assistance Program

Our Employee Assistance Program offers our team members and their immediate family members up to four confidential sessions per year with a qualified psychologist, to support wellness.

Health Insurance

All of our team members can access great discounts off personal health insurances through our insurance partners Medibank and Vesta Cover, and our NZ team members have the further benefit of subsidised health insurance once they reach 3.5 years of tenure with NVC!

Referral Bonus

Team members who successfully refer a friend/acquaintance to work for NVC could earn up to a $5,000 bonus, depending on the position.

Flare Rewards

Our HR system offers team members access to discounts at major retailers and service providers, to support you with your daily expenses including groceries, vehicle costs, entertainment and wellbeing. Maximising these rewards could save an average household up to $4000 per year!

GEM Awards

Each month, NVC recognises two team members for Going the Extra Mile in their clinic. The winners receive a $250 eftpos card, certificate and a personal call from our CEO Tomas Steenackers.

Overseas Trips

Each year we send a group of outstanding team members on the trip of a lifetime overseas to experience veterinary medicine in other countries. We also offer an annual dental scholarship trip to the Veterinary Dental Forum.

Discounts off Services & Products

We offer a strong suite of discounts to team members, including up to 50% off pet nutrition and unlimited free consults, as well as a friends and family discount!


The NVC New Graduate Support Program is a dynamic approach to supporting graduate vets through their first years as a practicing clinician. Our philosophy is to provide a supportive clinical environment, with access to experienced and trained veterinary mentors and a comprehensive, practical skills training program. We believe in helping our graduates establish themselves in clinic, developing that crucial bond with their teams, clients and patients. For further information, please contact Shanda Lodge at slodge [at]


NVC have supplied me with endless support and growth for my career. I had previously been in a full-time Head Nurse position for 10 years at my clinic before we transitioned to NVC. One year later and I am now actively managing two clinics! NVC have provided me with the tools to enhance our clinic standards and abilities and our teams have never been more fulfilled within their roles. Between their incredible Support Office team and their fantastic Training Centre, I have never felt so valued and supported within my role as what I do now!

Brooke Aish - Practice Manager, Noosa District Animal Hospital & Buderim Vet Clinic

I onboarded with NVC under the Ourvets group as Practice Manager/Receptionist, originally at Halswell branch in Sept 2017. 

The transition into working for NVC was pretty straight forward with a clear understanding of who my direct contacts were and who to go to for any additional help I required. There are also many systems in place that make day to day running of the clinic a breeze.

From my time working with NVC one of the key things I feel that make them stand out from previous employers and companies I have dealt with before, is how much they value their staff. From the training centre for self-improvement and empowerment of each staff member right through to the development of their teams. I myself have developed my leadership skills through a program which I have been given the opportunity to attend. Also, the support programs such as Assure and the Wellness program that they run, not only for helping staff with issues they may come across at a work level but also from a personal aspect too, they really do care. 

I feel that NVC has brought together a whole diverse range of clinics from across New Zealand and Australia and is creating one big family of people who love what they do and want to be the best that we can possibly be. We all work together and help each other out, we all encourage each other and celebrate achievements and goals together.

The opportunities available to us, I feel are unlimited if you are wanting to take them. NVC has set up strategic planning and guidance systems for each employee which can help them set goals and gives them the tools and training to achieve them. I can tell that they want us to be the best that we can possibly be. 

In my time so far working with NVC I have achieved many things with the guidance and opportunities I have had from NVC, I am now a Practice manager of 2 clinics, and part of the NZ VAC Team (Vet advisory committee) as the Practice Manager Advisor and a GEM award winner. But one of my proudest moments to date is standing in front of my peers of over 200 people and speaking in public. (Trust me, before working for NVC this would NEVER have happened) and I thank NVC for empowering and encouraging me to do everything I have achieved so far. 

So, in a whole I can honestly say that my time with NVC so far has been a very positive one, and I look forward to the many positive years to come.

Joanna Smith - Practice Manager, Ourvets Halswell & Ourvets Riccarton


NVC hires both locally and internationally, and invites suitably qualified veterinary professionals to apply for vacancies within our clinics, or send a general expression of interest. If you are successful on your first occasion, we will retain your details for future opportunities and contact you if any many be suitable.

For veterinary surgeon candidates to have a valid application, you must be registered or be eligible for veterinary registration in Australia or New Zealand. Interested candidates can check their registration eligibility with the Australasian Veterinary Boards Council Inc (ABVC) by clicking here. If you are eligible to apply for registration without further examination, please apply or submit your expression of interest using the below form.

Candidates who are required to pass the Australasian Veterinary Examination (AVE) are encouraged to contact us once they have registered to sit the examination. For advice and guidance on your eligibility, please contact the Recruitment Team via hr [at]



Our recruitment team provides a 360 degree personalised recruitment service, free of charge, to match you to your most suitable veterinary clinic. Once your application has been accepted, the following process will occur:

  • Discussion on placement options and location preferences
  • Clinical interview with potential clinic/s
  • Employer nominated sponsorship and visa referral for you and your dependants (if applicable), including support with documents and qualifications (we are an accredited visa sponsor in Australia so have expedited approval)
  • Relocation support in some circumstances
  • Electronic acceptance of your new contract and online onboarding - no printing/signing/scanning required!